AlertSense Leadership Team

Randy Grohs
Chief Technology Officer

Randy Grohs serves as the CTO and VP of R&D for AlertSense.  He manages technology strategy, system architecture, road-map planning and software development for the company.

Randy has 30 years of software R&D experience and holds 13 patents.  In addition to serving in software architecture and management roles for 3 successful startups, he has also served in R&D management and senior technologist roles for a Fortune 50 technology company.

Prior to joining AlertSense, Randy was in HP’s CTO office serving as Chief Technologist, Software, Solutions & Services, where he led software initiatives across multiple HP business groups and participated in multiple M&A projects.  Randy’s HP career spanned 20 years in various roles, including Engineer/Scientist, R&D manager and Distinguished Technologist, serving on the TCP review board and TechCon committee; and in various organizations including advanced technology / research groups, multiple product teams, solutions & services organizations and most recently, the CTO office.  During his time at HP, Randy briefly worked on a side project for a Biotech startup Montigen Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Supergen in 2007.  Before HP, Randy spent 9 years at two successful startups, both of which were acquired by HP. When he's not at work, you might find Randy playing music in his recording studio or crushing the ball on the tennis court.