Responder Mobilization

Mobilize and manage emergency response teams, quickly assessing availability and providing maps, images and rich media intelligence.

Secure Collaboration

Securely interact through group chat, enhance inter-agency collaboration, streamline incident coordination and accelerate decision-making.

Incident Alerting

Receive Incident alerts and situational intelligence, automatically routed to predefined escalation paths, based on incident type & role.

Protect Your Communty

Protect your community with multi-modal alert delivery to citizens through FEMA IPAWS channels, MyAlerts mobile app, social media and voice alerts – through geo-targeted Emergency Telephone Notifications.

Simplify Incident Reporting

Send alerts and incident reports with images, severity assessments, geo-tagged location, configurable tones and event association. Deliver situational intelligence with streamlined escalation paths, based on incident type, facility type, management structure.

Secure Chat

Securely interact through group chat, enhancing inter-agency collaboration and accelerating decision-making. Use for collaboration, incident coordination and updates to up to 250 participants per conversation. Share text, images, video, geo-location.

Interactive Polls

Rapidly coordinate availability to respond/ETA, assess safety/status of your employees or confirm procedural compliance through interactive polling. View real-time results that provide critical insights on both the numeric count the user/department specific response.

Role-based Incident Guide

Equip Team with access to key emergency response procedures and resources, by incident type, ESFs or role. The ERP Guide can be viewed by users even if they have no network connection.

Manage Emergency Response

Expedite crisis response with actionable, role-based tasklists and critical information in the hands of the responsible teams. Signal completion of assigned tasks and add comments. Coordinators can efficiently monitor completion of all task lists associated with an incident or activated plan.

Client Branding & Configuration

Mobile app is available for download from Apple/Google stores. Upon user authentication, the App will reflect client branding, as well as the user’s authorized feature set, escalation paths, and communication permissions. Client configuration/content includes automated escalation paths, incident types, severity assessment checklist, scenario templates, and emergency response procedures.


AlertSense enables your entity to rapidly issue critical, emergency alerts through all FEMA’s IPAWS alerting channels, providing unregistered residents and visitors, in a targeted geographic area, advanced warning of public safety risks such as wild fire, hazardous materials, civil danger, need for immediate evacuation or request help to recover an abducted child.

Alert the Public through Federal Warning Systems

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) Send text alerts to all cell phones in the impact area

Emergency Alert System (EAS): Broadcast alerts on TV/Radio with audio and scrolling text

NWEM/HazCollect: Send non-weather emergency alerts to the weather radio network

COG-to-COG: Critical information exchange with other COGS (Collaborative Operating Groups)

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Reverse Dial 911

AlertSense provides a comprehensive suite of GIS/ESRI mapping tools for the geographic selection of recipients.

Advanced GIS Tool Suite

AlertSense’s advanced GIS tool suite includes the ability to select recipients in a geographic area by drawing polygons, circle, freehand line with multiple buffer zones, include/exclude circle and flexible square frame.

Import Shape Files

Clients can import ESRI GIS data, including custom shape files, layers and geo-databases, to aide in selecting recipients. The AlertSense mapping interface provides a very intuitive way to easily view or hide available layers.

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My Alerts App for Citizens

With the My Alerts app from AlertSense, citizens can receive life-saving emergency alerts from public safety agencies, advanced warning of severe weather and community notifications that impact you and your family.

My Locations: Simply add the locations that matter to you: your home, your child’s school, your parent’s your office. When you travel, you can enable the app to monitor your current location in order to receive any emergency alerts issued for the city or area you are visiting.

Types of Alerts:

Severe Weather Alerts: Receive advanced warning of severe weather when you or one of your locations is in the direct path of the storm.

Public Safety Alerts: Receive emergency alerts from public safety alerting authorities, notifying you of situations that threaten the safety of yourself or those you care about.

Community Notifications: You can also choose to receive notifications of events in your community that impact your daily life and commute, such as road closures and power outages.

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