AlertSense, Inc. provides emergency alerting and mass notification services for a breadth of industries, including state and local government, education, energy, transportation, health, tribal nations, corporate, and non-profit entities.

AlertSense delivers the reliability and simplicity our clients depend on to alert and protect over 35 million citizens, responders, employees and customers. Let us show you why our clients have trusted AlertSense for over a decade.  


State and Local governments are relied upon to protect their communities and ensure the availability of critical services. With AlertSense, government jurisdictions can rapidly mobilize and manage emergency response teams, and alert the public in the event of a natural disaster, public health threats, need for evacuation and events that endanger its citizens.  All those impacted can simultaneously be alerted through multiple communication channels, including geo-targeted reverse dial 911 calls to residents, Wireless Emergency Alerts to all cell phones in the impacted area, alerts to public subscribers through preferred contact paths and posts to social media.

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In today’s world, campus safety is a paramount concern for higher education providers. Timely communication is the most important factor in responding to a crisis and saving lives.  With AlertSense, you can rapidly alert faculty, staff, students and parents through multiple communication methods, including mobile app, priority texting, and voice calls.

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Oil and gas companies in the private sector and public utilities must quickly and cost effectively address safety issues and disruptions in service. With AlertSense, you can immediately mobilize internal response teams, with secure two-way interaction through mobile apps and SMS to assess availability, ETA and safety status.  Incident management through pre-defined scenarios enables consistent communication to customers and residents through cost-effective channels and social media venues.

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AlertSense simplifies critical corporate communications, with solutions for crisis response mobilization, incident management, secure collaboration, two-way mobile engagement, consistent customer/stakeholder communication, and efficient contact data management.  AlertSense also provides a fully synchronized, independent cloud based system that ensures continuity of enterprise communications in the event of IT downtime or cyber-attack.

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Healthcare organizations must be continually ready to respond to events impacting patient care, employee safety and overall operations.  When faced with mass casualty incidents, public health threats, natural disasters, or IT disruptions, healthcare providers can utilize AlertSense to immediately notify all personnel, mobilize response teams and quickly assess the safety status of employees in critical situations.

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Passenger and employee safety are critical concerns for the transportation sector.  In the midst of a safety crisis or security threat, AlertSense enables transportation providers to rapidly notify and mobilize key incident command personnel (physically and virtually through conference bridge) and coordinate emergency response teams on the scene.  You can also efficiently notify customers, provide information to passengers’ families, and manage communication to operational partners and contractors. 

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Tribal Nations

With AlertSense, Tribal Nations can rapidly disseminate alerts and information to tribal police, emergency responders, tribal members and adjacent jurisdictions. AlertSense was awarded the National Joint Powers Alliance’s (NJPA) National Contract for “best in class” Alert & Notification Services. NJPA is a purchasing alliance used by over 50,000 member agencies across the nation, representing tribal nations, state/local government, and campuses, to streamline the vetting and purchase of industry-leading products and services at best value pricing.  

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Non-profit entities provide crucial services and valued assistance to those in the midst of a crisis or recovering from the aftermath of a disaster.   With AlertSense, non-profit entities can simultaneously alert their staff and volunteers through multiple contact paths and quickly mobilize their crisis response teams.   AlertSense enables secure two-way mobile engagement through interactive polling to rapidly assess availability, ETA and safety status of their staff and volunteers.

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