Public Alerting

Public Alerting

Protect your community with AlertSense’s full suite of Public Alerting services. Multi-modal alert delivery across all communication channels is the key to quickly and effectively reaching each person who needs to be warned. Recipients can be selected geographically by drawing an impact area on a map, and by the expressed notification interests of targeted opt-in subscribers.

Multi-Channel Alert Delivery

  • Geo-targeted reverse dial 911: Voice Alerts to residents and businesses through map-based selection.
  • IPAWS Alerts: Reach all the cellphones users, including unregistered visitors, in the impact area through Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). Broadcast EAS alerts through Radio and TV networks.
  • Subscriber Alerts: Notify public subscribers through their preferred contact method, including text, mobile app, email or voice call.
  • Social Media: Post the latest updates to your social media sites for your community to view.

Geo-targeted reverse dial 911

AlertSense provides a comprehensive suite of GIS/ESRI mapping tools for the geographic selection of recipients.

Advanced GIS Tool Suite

AlertSense’s advanced GIS tool suite includes the ability to select recipients in a geographic area by drawing polygons, circle, freehand line with multiple buffer zones, include/exclude circle and flexible square frame. Clients can search by address, landmark, contact location, street segments, city, zip code, and Latitude/Longitude. The robust mapping interface allows administrators to simultaneously notify multiple defined areas, and modify, resize, redraw or move shapes after initial placement.

Import Shape Files

Clients can import ESRI GIS data, including custom shape files, layers and geo-databases, to aide in selecting recipients. The AlertSense mapping interface provides a very intuitive way to easily view or hide available layers.

Geo-coded Contact Data

AlertSense provides access to geo-coded residential and business contact data, as a standard feature of the system, at no additional cost. AlertSense’ geocoded calling data is immediately available for use to ensure a rapid implementation process. The initial geo-coded calling database provided by AlertSense can then be further augmented by client supplied 911 data, or other sources such as utility billing data or business license data. AlertSense geo-codes all contact data loaded in the system with the latitude and longitude coordinates for each address and provides a map and aerial view.


AlertSense enables your entity to rapidly issue critical, emergency alerts through all FEMA's IPAWS alerting channels, providing unregistered residents and visitors, in a targeted geographic area, advanced warning of public safety risks such as wild fire, hazardous materials, civil danger, need for immediate evacuation or request help to recover an abducted child.

Alert the Public through Federal Warning Systems

  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) Send text alerts to all cell phones in the impact area
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS): Broadcast alerts on TV/Radio with audio and scrolling text
  • NWEM/HazCollect: Send non-weather emergency alerts to the weather radio network
  • COG-to-COG: Critical information exchange with other COGS (Collaborative Operating Groups)

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Subscriber Alerts

AlertSense enables residents and businesses to self-enroll to receive various types of emergency alerts, severe weather warnings and community notifications. The public opt-in experience can be customized and client-branded, with access from a link on the client’s public website.

Subscribers can enter notification interests, preferred contact methods, locations, as well as language, special needs, and delivery preferences. Subscribers select the types of alerts they want to receive, which can include:

Severe Weather Alerts

Deliver targeted alerts to public subscribers who are in the direct path of the storm, providing advanced warning of severe weather. AlertSense receives direct feeds from the National Weather Service and automatically interprets the geographic area affected, and delivers targeted alerts immediately to subscribers in the impact area, with no staff action required.

Public Safety Alerts

Deliver emergency alerts from the state and public safety agencies, notifying subscribers of situations that threaten their personal safety such as crime/imminent danger, hazardous materials, and need for immediate evacuation, based on the subscriber’s location(s) and alert preferences.

Community Notifications

Deliver notifications of events of interest to the subscriber, such as road closures, power outages and school weather closures.

Social Media

AlertSense enables authorized administrators to post alerts and notifications to their entity’s designated social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. AlertSense makes it easy to integrate social media as a critical component of your public alerting communication strategy.

Alerts can be sent simultaneously to residents, public subscribers and posted to social media to ensure that your community is kept up to date on the latest information, including detailed evacuation instructions.