Responder Mobilization

Responder Mobilization

With AlertSense, clients can immediately mobilize and manage the emergency response teams, quickly assessing availability and providing maps, images and rich media intelligence to front-line responders.

Key Services

  • Multi-Modal Alert Delivery: Quickly engage responders & staff
  • Interactive Communication & 2 way Polling: Assess availability & status
  • Mobile App: Secure engagement with staff and responders
  • Incident Management: Pre-defined scenarios & real-time reporting

Multi-modal Alert Delivery

The AlertSense system offers a highly intuitive, cohesive interface that simplifies alert creation and enables the rapid, simultaneous delivery of alerts through multiple communication modes and delivery channels, including voice (landline, VoIP, & wireless), SMS text/polls, mobile apps, email, faxes, and pagers. You can easily select entire groups of recipients from a displayed organizational hierarchy of nested groups as well as add individual recipients you need to notify.

Interactive communication & 2-way polling

AlertSense provides a real-time engagement platform that enables 2 way interactive communication.   Clients can send a poll to targeted recipients to quickly assess critical information such as each team member’s availability to respond, their ETA or safety status. Recipients can easily respond by selecting their answer from the options displayed in the text message, mobile app screen, email or via key press from a voice call.  Responses are immediately tabulated and displayed in Alert History so the administrator can quickly determine staffing commitments, mobilize an emergency response, or assess safety status of the team.

Mobile App for responders and staff

The AlertSense Mobile App provides a secure engagement platform to mobilize and manage the emergency response team.  Administrators can send rich media alerts with attached maps and images, assess availability/ETA/status through interactive polls with mobile users and front-line responders. It is currently available for smartphones on the Apple IOS and Android platforms.

Incident Management

Pre-defined scenarios:

Clients can pre-define and save entire emergency scenarios which can be activated with a single click. Scenarios can include pre-defined groups/contacts, voice or text messages, message activation options, pre-defined maps and geographic regions.   Scenarios can be edited on-the-fly prior to launch. An unlimited number of scenarios can be saved and categorized or “grouped” for quick access.

Real-time Tracking & Reporting:

AlertSense provides real-time, in-progress reports that begin to display the detailed results of the notification or poll, immediately upon initiation. Administrators can access standard reports or build ad hoc reports based on alert type, time/date sent, active/expired status, sender, subject, etc. Reports can easily be exported in multiple formats for easy distribution and review.