Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

AlertSense enables organizations to securely connect and collaborate with staff and partners. Deliver critical communications seamlessly and stress-free. With AlertSense, you can do more in less time.

Key Services

  • Multi-modal Communication
  • Scheduled Events & Staffing
  • Two-way Interaction: Mobile App & Polling
  • Synchronized Contact Management

Multi-modal Communication

AlertSense simplifies critical communications by enabling you to seamlessly connect with your distributed team and partners, through their preferred contact method, including voice (landline, VoIP, & wireless), SMS text/polls, mobile apps, email, faxes, and pagers. You can easily select entire groups of recipients from a displayed organizational hierarchy of nested groups as well as add individual recipients.

Scheduled Events & Staffing

Scheduled Notifications

With AlertSense you can easily “schedule” a notification to be delivered at a future time, or at recurring intervals.  This feature is a stress-free way to pre-schedule the coordination of exercises or recurring events.  Scheduled events can be saved as templates and can be canceled at any time.

Staffing & Operational Efficiency

With AlertSense, you can more efficiently manage staffing commitments and operational communication.   Use interactive polling to quickly assess each team member’s availability and their ETA. Recipients can easily respond by selecting their answer from the options displayed in the text message, mobile app screen, email or via key press from a voice call.  Responses are immediately tabulated and displayed so the administrator can quickly determine staffing commitments, or assess status of the team.

Two-way Interaction: Mobile App & Polling

Mobile App for Internal Members:

The AlertSense Mobile App provides a real-time engagement platform to securely interact with staff.  Mobile team members can receive critical notifications, and respond to interactive polls regarding their availability or status on a project.   It is currently available for smartphones on the Apple IOS and Android platforms.

Secure Message Delivery:

For messages that need to be sent with additional security, Administrators can set the alert as “PIN Required.”  Message recipients will need to enter their PIN number to authenticate their identity before the message is delivered. 

Synchronized Contact Management

Nested Groups

Create an unlimited number of internal groups and sub groups to mirror the organizational structure with customized naming convention for ease of alerting and internal communications. AlertSense provides the ability to upload users through a process that can assign internal members directly to groups.

Permission/Role based System

Account administrators can set role-based security and levels of permission for each sub-administrator. Each sub administrator can be assigned to specific group(s), giving the authorized administrator the ability to initiate alerts, manage contacts or perform other authorized functions for his or her designated group(s). 

Secure FTP

AlertSense offers automated contact data synchronization through Secure FTP. Clients can schedule secure data transfers from any database at defined intervals to keep all contact information, group structure and group membership in the AlertSense system fully synchronized with the client’s systems. 

Bulk CSV Upload

AlertSense also provides other contact management options, including bulk upload through excel spreadsheets (.xls/xlsx), comma delimited files (.csv).  Contacts can also be entered directly into the AlertSense System by authorized administrators.

Contact API

Upon request, AlertSense will work with our clients to establish a web services Contact API between existing contact database(s) and the AlertSense platform. The Contact API would provide the ability to import contact information from the client’s existing contact database (LDAP, Active Directory, PeopleSoft, Oracle HR, SAP, etc) to AlertSense through a regularly scheduled process. 

Communications Continuity

With AlertSense, you have an independent, fully synchronized, secure cloud-based, redundant system through which you can continue to reach your staff during internal IT downtime or in the event of a cyber-attack.